Ask aka: 1

Dear aka,

I am glad that you finally listened to your fans and decided to host an advice column. I couldn’t get an answer to a certain troubling issue and all my friends suggested I should ask aka, so here goes.

I decided to spring a few extra dollars on my wife and bought her a DVD player. I have to admit this was the best idea I have had in seven years and now she continually thanks me for it by using it all day and night. On receiving my generous gift she promptly went out and bought Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol 2, and urged me to look at it with her. She is particularly fond of the final scene in Vol. 2 where Bill meets his demise. I am a bit worried though since she has not been doing much of anything else since the DVD player arrived. I just don’t get it.


Dear Bill,

Maybe you don’t get it now but I am sure you will get it later. Women communicate in a very different way to men and recently they have been communicating through DVD movies such as Kill Bill, Buried Alive and Six Feet Under. I don’t think you have anything new to worry about since your faith was sealed long before the advent of the DVD.



7 thoughts on “Ask aka: 1

  1. You know I love this entry.
    What kill me [no pun intended] was the end when the husband signed the letter “Bill” lmao!

    Genius. Lookin forward to more 🙂

  2. fire, it’s funny that you should bring this up but during my exams I never know which is funnier, the question or the answer. Normally, I have to wait for my exam results to find out but there are times when I know straight off. Those are the times when I look at the question and shout out to the air at large and certain lecturers “You must be joking!” 🙂

  3. Tunks, my stories are normally what pops into my head after hours of deep meditation on the banks of a river with my head precariously perched on an empty beer case. This particular entry was also inspired, not only by the beer case, but by the latest DVD buying craze sweeping the nation causing floors to be unswept and beds to be under or not properly utilized.

  4. “Looking forward to more :)” Mee said to aka as he precariously balanced his empty beer case and head while ambling along the river bank, looking for inspiration and girls in bikinis, which is actually the same thing in some of the better countries with river banks.

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