In an attempt of achieve developed country status and protect innocent gravel, Government has not only passed an OSHA bill, but has also deployed an Advanced Gravel Warning System (AGWS). This highly sophisticated and technologically advanced system is currently being used to abruptly warn gravel-oblivious drivers away from the heaps of gravel, and onto oncoming traffic. The system is said to be highly successful as very few gravel heaps were reported to be injured or scattered since the warning system was deployed.


5 thoughts on “AGWS

  1. Clearly, your government’s abilities and concerns for their citizens is far ahead of mine. And I am also certain that my government recognizes this fact. Therefore, I am compelled to apologize on their behalf if they have sent floods of annoying, busybody, superior American bureaucrats and fact-finders scurrying all around your homeland, taking pictures and measurements of your gravel warning devices. Left to their normal devious devices, they will no doubt find some insidious way to influence your government to outlaw your nation’s elegantly simple warning devices, threatening to squash developing nation status unless your country agrees to import ‘modern’ electronic replicas sold by Wal-Mart and made in China.

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