Thank you. Thank you all.

Things with simple names can floor us such as the common cold, cars, and girlfriend(s)…. and even car(s) with girlfriend(s). I was floored at least once by two of these items but not on consecutive days. However, they can all take a toll on us, both on impact and during our hospital stay. Turning off the oxygen can also be a real killer.

I am currently recovering from the common cold and was once again deeply bothered by the name and a certain pharmacist. Who in their right mind would call a common cold a common cold, certainly not someone moaning under the influence of overheating and a bloody red, tissue-from-a-tissue-box wiped nose? Could this be Rudolph’s secret that Santa and the CIA trained elves don’t want us to know?

Rudolph, with your nose so bright would you kindly use a Kleenex tonight but keep it quiet.

The one thing that is not documented in recent medical journals of questionable integrity and readership is that the mind behaves even stranger while suffering from a bout of the common cold. I don’t know if you spotted it, but mind behaves is an oxymoron. As for me, I am simply a moron deprived of oxygen. Exactly how strange the mind behaves depends how strange the mind was behaving when the common cold struck. It simply builds on that level of strangeness and peaks when the do-gooders offer you chicken soup for the umpteenth time.

Thanks for asking and I want to let the general bloging public, and other shady characters know that I am well on the road to recovery. I also want to thank the countless bottles of pills, who never hesitated to give up a bit of themselves so that my time spent under the influence was a bit bearable. Pain killer, decongestant, you know who you are even though you are generic. At last, but not in the least, I want to thank my mind for taking insanity to a higher level.

Thank you. Thank you all.

3 thoughts on “Thank you. Thank you all.

  1. snbg said…

    “…mind behaves is an oxymoron. As for me, I am simply a moron deprived of oxygen. “
    if you’re a moron then you put a whole new meaning to that category of people.
    personally i think you’re just bummed- out from having the cold and that explains the mind’s new heights of insanity.
    good to know that you are on the road to recovery. if not mentally at least physically 🙂

  2. It is always difficult to prove some people are on the road to mental recovery. I also don’t believe mental recovery is always a good thing. The state the mind is happiest in may not be the state of a recovered mind. Unlike healthy bodies, a healthy mind cannot be evaluated as easily. A healthy body usually looks good in a bikini, tight jeans, short skirts and navel breakers. A healthy mind looks the same regardless of the skimpiness of its attire. That’s why mind evaluation is so painfully difficult; for men anyway 🙂

  3. Good to hear u recovering…..or are you? hmm lol
    I see u’ve had that epiphany substitue that accompanies the cold, fever and enuff pills. Isn’t it just beautiful the way the body makes u feel like u ready to curl up and die, when all it’s doing is trying to fight off the virus – but honestly, its quite an experience 🙂

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