Shrinking Happiness

This blog first appeared today (24-11-2005) as a comment on the popular blog Just Stuff. In the absence of any new material aka decided to publish this as his blog for today. This blog has been slightly edited to fit nothing specific.

I am also skeptical about the perpetual show of happiness and optimism. Now, please note, I am not a pessimist but I know the mind simply cannot tolerate too many “happy pills” for too long. Yep, that’s my theory about those who refuse to give up their good cheer and that irritating bubbly tone of voice for even a second.

I have a theory which also states that sadness and depression has a positive effect on the economy and the progress of the Planet as we know it. Without sadness and depression there would not be the multi-billion-dollar drug (legal) industry churning out the likes of Paxil, Viagra and various colon clensers. There would also be less psychologist buying yachts, beachfront homes and penthouse apartments for their girlfriends, while their wives sign up for liposuction, facelifts and boy toys. Needless to say the reason why some are called shrinks might have some relation to their chronic use of, and need for Viagra.

I think happiness is very similar to Aptie’s Chicken Roti, Joe’s Pepperoni Pizza and other perversions which may or may not involve meat dishes. If you have it everyday it doesn’t taste as good. We would indeed be happier people if we learn to quell extended periods of happiness just so that it doesn’t become worn and incite our friends to blog about it. The worst thing that could happen to a person is for sadness and depression to creep up on them. We would be much better off if we control when these bouts of unhappiness were to appear. Similar to medication we all need happiness but only in small doses and only at the times we choose.

2 thoughts on “Shrinking Happiness

  1. The name of this blog is a work of genius, then I saw the Shrink Link and thought that I didn’t just read that from aka.
    Nevertheless this was an informative blog in the way where you know it was but not really quite sure in which area.

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