Universal Filler

To put my thoughts in writing is taking less and less effort. The reason; I am having fewer and fewer thoughts. A blank mind is a receptive mind is one of the biggest fallacies of our time. A blank mind is blank for a reason and the reason is usually not good. Look at all the great blank minds of our times and you would see what I mean. I am more like a drop of oil on an ocean of water; spreading very thin on the surface until I appear one with the water. In reality I have become unnoticeable but happy. That’s another thing, being inconspicuous doesn’t mean having no effect. Look at the wind in the hurricane season – the inconspicuous has decided to make its power known. It’s like the silent majority banding together or a speck of dust in your eye. Those would be poor examples but poor examples cause more neuron activity than good examples. Symmetrical shapes are only briefly admired but an unsymmetrical woman burdens the mind for much longer. Since the mind isn’t perfectly symmetrical it gets turned on by some of the weirdest things like hairless moles above the lip, spaced out front teeth and long legs in tight jeans (even short legs for that matter.) By now you may be wondering what is the purpose of this particular blog and I can’t blame you for wondering. I can’t blame you because I don’t know you as well as I think. We never know what people are like until we lend them money, try to cut in front of them in traffic or go out with their girlfriends. The point I am trying to make is very simple and it is this. Jeez, I forgot what it was again….oh yes, now I remember. The reason we blog is not for the entertainment of others or that we are overflowing with wisdom, but because the Universe is filled with empty space (as opposed to filled space which is probably an oxymoron), and blogging is just one more way in which the Universe is attempting to do away with unstable equilibrium and other oxymorons.

2 thoughts on “Universal Filler

  1. The reason we blog is not for the entertainment of others or that we are overflowing with wisdom

    I’ve come to personify that now.

    This entry has caused a lot of neuron activity in my otherwize cobwebed brain…. thanks

  2. Neuron activity is highly overrated and the cause of most of the misery which we face, that and ingrown toenails. Some blog to remember some blog to forget; words from the once famous bolger-band the Blogels. Blogging to an audience is good but blogging to an audience of the self is all that matters. If we shout in the forest and there is no one to hear us, does it change the fact we are being chased by a bear? 🙂

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