Random Thoughts – Two

  • I never sleep late because my mind won’t let me. My mind has a mind of its own. There are advantages to getting up early such as sunrises and quiet. There is a distant neighborhood rooster who insists on announcing daybreak but lately I am beating him to it. No, I am not the new neighborhood cock, and FYI rooster and cock are synonyms. I suppose if the rooster didn’t crow in the morning he would be considered a dysfunctional rooster, and we all know what happens to dysfunctional roosters.
  • I recently found a good recipe for pelau. I am not big on cooking but I think cooking is a soul-satisfying art form just as photography is, except you can’t download the results to your PC or email it to friends. I understand some dishes were put, or is it thrown, on walls but not for beautification purposes. However, photography and cooking are similar because when done poorly they both can induce nausea.
  • Photography is amazing because it trains the photographer to see what no one else sees and to look when there is nothing to look at. It can help eliminate boredom and, by extension, reduce insanity levels. It can also cause your friends and acquaintances to whisper whenever you approach and give praise when you are gone.
  • My friends are poor photographic subjects since Photoshop doesn’t have a “remove ugly” feature just yet. That might be Photoshop’s biggest challenge to date and we can only wait and hope for a breakthrough 🙂 I think the World is now spending more on eradicating ugly than on eradicating deadly human diseases.
  • Our second Local Over-Inflated Wonder, The Blimp, (the first being our leader’s head), flew over my house on the 30th of September 2005 at approximately 10:50 am. I suppose The Blimp was on an intelligence gathering mission. Apparently, no signs of intelligence could be found inside The Blimp on landing so the mission was deemed a failure, and as a result, the floating cash drain felt deflated.

One thought on “Random Thoughts – Two

  1. I stopped to see the order in which your thoughts lingered on what topic…. A good combination and placed appropriatly 🙂 Starts with the mind and ends with some ppl’z apparant lack of lol…keep the blogs coming.

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