In-line Entertainment

There are two types of line entertainment in the world today, on-line and in-line. On-line entertainment would be like reading this blog or happily scrolling through the pages of In-line entertainment would the type found waiting in-line at banks and other line oriented institutions. From my experience I would say that there is always one intensely extroverted character in every human line of a certain length, and whose sole purpose in life is to prevent the other linees from dying of boredom or old age. Today there was one such character in the line at the bank. In less than ten minutes I learnt about his whole life story, his sister’s bad luck with men, his parents dislike for each other from marriage till death, how to live a virtuous life, why women wear makeup, and finally why banks place people inside ATMs instead of computers. I can’t complain and I have to say I got my money’s worth of in-line entertainment.

After the extrovert left us I entertained myself by wondering where the word teller came from. I went into amusing mode and thought it came from the fact these are the people you tell what transaction you wanted to do. They would in turn tell you the transaction you choose cannot be done. This would then lead to some serious telling form both sides; hence the name teller. The dictionary cannot prove or disprove this theory so for now I take it that it’s true.

8 thoughts on “In-line Entertainment

  1. Your blog is great. If I can help, let me know. If you ever need any TELLING done, let me know. I will then tell everyone. Do you like telling people? I do. I prefer the Three Tell ‘EMs. Tell ’em what you are going to say, then Tell ’em, and finally Tell ’em what you just told ’em. Be kind to TELLERS. They are often less fortunate than HEARERS. You have been successfully SPAMMED. (Pay no attention to the name of this commentator. He/she has been abducted. If you ever need to be abducted, let me know.)

  2. I originally came to comment with “You’re telling me!” but then I noticed that you, like myself…have suffered the spam of blog. Unlike my person however, you chose not to delete the bloggified spam.

    I therefore have to say that if you need any telling that your blog has been spammed, call mark walter.

  3. 😦 I never got spam on my blog yet. Darny.

    This entry iz totally u… in-line entertainment can be one hellofa thing freal. I tend to entertain ppl myself by succumbing to singing outloud while I stand in line wid my headphones on…. (yikes)

    Are the tellers related in any way to telly monster?

  4. snbg, you are never spamm but the opposite. You also keep the humor alive:D

    mark walter, the word abducted makes me feel at home and I am home. I like your Telling philosophy 🙂

    Sirius, we are some of the fortunate few who know the joys of being spammed. There is none 🙂

    Tunks, spamm is a matter of timing and bad luck. As for Telly the Teller, I am not sure but it sounds possible 🙂

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