Night Lights

The night lights of St. Augustine

I took four photos last night (22nd. July, 2005) using a 2-second exposure time. I actually took more than four shots but the choosen four were shot from the same position on the tripod. I was trying to capture the streaks of light (white and red) from the passing cars. I then put the pictures together in an animated GIF file. I think the inspiration to do this came while flipping through the pictures. The effect created is almost the same as a movie flip-book.

4 thoughts on “Night Lights

  1. Hey, now that i finally get to use d laptop and can SEE d picture properly, its…amazing! I really like this whole idea. Reminds me of the Anamorphes book series 🙂

    Looking fwd. to some more in d future! yay!

    PS: Soon u mite be making movies 🙂

  2. Now that is pretty damn cool. Hmm…you know, my camera’s shutter speed can be set to as slow as 30 seconds…you’re giving me ideas here… 😛

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