half -a-brain

Almost three years ago a small but rebellious bunch of brain cells, nestled somewhere in my head, formed themselves into a pressure-group. This seditious group immediately jumped into action and complained that I was unbelievably boring and I didn’t seem to support neuron growth. With my ego shattered, feelings hurt and sedation wearing off, I listened to their grievance. “What do you do in you spare time?” the loony pack of neurons asked in a most neurotic tone. “You sit around waiting for the sun to rise with a Canon strapped to your eye. What is that about, its boooring, that’s what?” “Don’t you get it? It’s the same sun everyday. You point and click, point and click. True you play around with a few settings, a few angles but so what. Move on, do something different, get a life.” The truth hurts but not as much as the headache these poor excuses for a thought process were giving me. This headache forced me to take up an interest in peace and neuron growth. This also led me to take up drawing, not because it would be a challenge but because it was something I was sure to fail at. I would show these neurons who was the real brains!

What this fore-paragraph is leading to is the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Dr. Betty Edwards. I bought this book because it was designed to make non-sketchers into sketchers by using a revolutionary method of right-brain activation. Apparently learning to draw is learning to see and seeing is not as easy as I thought, especially if you have only half a brain.

The sketch above was one of my early and few efforts. It represents me trying to reproduce a sketch I saw in a book called “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. (This book is a challenge because reading in the dark is not easy).

The yearning to restart this journey into the right side of my brain, after a three year absence, was inspired by Words Unspoken, and also my insatiable quest to cause public outcry. The reason for bloging about it is to put myself up for further public ridicule if I slack off, or not.

4 thoughts on “half -a-brain

  1. Wonderful piece of artwork there aka! Seriously… I can’t do things like that.

    And again, I admire ur writing style and expression… 🙂

  2. Hehe, your drawing made me smile. I appreciate the cartoon-like quirkyness of the sketch, it’s actually quite hard to duplicate. Some artists have made quite a name with this style. Make yours!

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