A Simple Sample and All That Jazz

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture of a desktop is worth considerably more, especially if it was painted by Picasso.

I have a feeling that the lost art of desktop-reading will soon replace toothbrush-bristle-reading as the number form of fortune telling and psycho analysis. “Show me your desktop and I will tell you who you are. Give me a hundred dollars and I will tell you what you want.”

What can you tell about this bloger by a simple sample of his desktop? Simple Sample is the latest method used in the psycho analysis of the distorted mind of some Blogers. It is based on the theory that things are arranged on the desktop as it is arranged in the mind. You allow things to happen in the physical world as you do in the mental world. This has to be true since there is mounting evidence which suggest that I do have a set of headphones and a pen precociously lodged among my neurons. You see, I have been hearing things that nobody hears and writing things which nobody reads. These writings have turned up mainly on my blogs and lately as graffiti in washrooms of certain alien spaceships. These sounds have not turned up at all. What else does Simple Sample reveal about the Bloger in question? Wonder no more – – it says the bloger has the writing ambitions of a master storyteller, the smile of a 21st century female jazz singer and either looks like a Russian or a used Post-it. It also says the Bloger quite likely has the IQ of a used ticket stub. But all of this is only on the surface, and what lies beneath is even more disturbing, and yellow.


6 thoughts on “A Simple Sample and All That Jazz

  1. heey nice pen… i have an affinity for pens. [not that i collect them nor am i a klepto for them :P]
    someone’s pen says more to me than some other physical belongings.

  2. Show me your pen and I will tell you who you are.

    I agree with this premise and that’s my pen on the desktop. It was an impulse buy and what calligraphers refer to as love at first write. She is an elegant and sophisticated writing instrument and not too common in this part of the world, I hope. That’s another thing; I always refer to pens as female. I would be curious to know what this pen says about me. I hope is says something good, clever and publishable

  3. I read this entire entry before the picture finally loaded… and all this time I was thinking ‘computer desktop’ :s hahaha…

    Dean Koontz – Watchers 🙂 That looks mighty farmiliar … and quite new too.

    Those headphones… they look farmiliar too :S They suposed to be pretty good right? and tho ur handwriting is tempting, I’ll say that Nora sure takes the cake 🙂

  4. Desktops can be ambiguous.

    For centuries the word “desktop” was plagued with ambiguity and confusion. This confusion sparked the creation of the saying “a picture is worth approximately 997 words” which was later refined into “a picture is worth quite a few words” and a several decades and ambigious committee meetings later the final saying emerged – “a picture is worth a thousand words.” While all these refinement were taking place the pen, the pencil, the chalk, the blank sheet of letter-size paper, the paint brush, the photorealist artist and the digital camera were not yet invented. This took place even more decades later, and which finally gave the saying, not only meaning, but a reason to live.

  5. Yellow is disturbing.
    The Cuke

    Yellow can be disturbing but it can be hopeful. If a problem is to be solved then it must be disturbing in order to get your attention. Yellow is the color of a bright sunny day and the inside of a Zabacado. Yellow signifies hope, happiness, something squishy and liver diseases. The ambiguity (popular word these days) of yellow is what I find disturbing, but no more disturbing than say green. Life is chameleonic, and for which I am thankful, otherwise it would be all black and white. Explosions just don’t look the same in b&w.

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