Alien Creature Spotted

An unidentified alien creature, from an unidentified far off planet was reportedly sighted in the back yards of unidentified homes on the foothills of St. Augustine. Amateur photographer and part-time alien aka_lol sent in this ridiculously fuzzy picture of the mysterious extraterrestrial. Scientist were unable to make either heads or tails of the creature or even of aka_lol, but inside sources claim further investigations may prove fruitful.

10 thoughts on “Alien Creature Spotted

  1. Looks like a frightening mutation of an avocado. That blank stare is completely unnerving. I’m reaching for my towel.

  2. scientist suspect that these aliens were mating with our avocados for years and their efforts are now bearing fruit. The towel was not a bad move 🙂

  3. zabocadoes? :))

    I will have to keep this one on file 🙂

    and the mating thing was also caught on video but it’s not for the squeamish :))

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