Having A Word

In a recent word association game held at one of the most popular online forums in the world, where people of all ages, all walks of life and all levels of insanity took part, the word cell was associated with the word phone by a regular but quirky forumite. His fellow forumites glared at their screens with great venom and posted many offensive comments about his name, his avatar and even his blogs, after this quick-brained, DSL connected forumite had posted the much sort-after associated word. Apparently, everyone else claimed they were going to say that when they got off their cells.

My, my, look how things have changed and so fast. Only about five years ago the word cell would have been quickly associated with body, blood, biology or tissue. During a recent lab demonstration by a lecturer at a famous local medical school a student looked through a microscope and exclaimed she could see a cell. Immediately, the once scholarly lecturer frisked his own pockets and frantically pulled out his “cell” and shouted “it not mines, anybody lose a cell?” To which one student replied “is ah green Nokia?”

What is not surprising is that when the very game was played in parliament (many games are played in parliament and it is now the number one sporting complex in the country) and that very word came up, all the members ran out screaming “it not me! It not me!”