Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – the Movie, the cult, 42, and possibly everything

As with all great inspirations, Douglas Adams came up with the idea for HHG when he was 19 and lying senselessly drunk in a field in Austria. Unfortunately the makers of the latest version of the HHG movie weren’t similarly inspired. Their intentions were honorable but their intoxication was lacking, as was their ability to lie senseless in a field in Austria. Didn’t they know that the Law of the Universe takes a very dim view of tampering with perfection? Didn’t they also know that perfection can only be made more prefect by the addition of one towel? Didn’t they know that 42 may have been wrong since 19 seems to have more HHG significance? Didn’t they know that Trillian was much more attractive on old sheets of materials made from cellulose pulp than she was on new, shiny silver screens? Apparently they didn’t know many things.

The atmosphere created in the movie Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy was somewhat alien to the book – no pun intended but a nice try if it was. Douglas Adams was a talented writer and his claim to fame was that he was able to take the most serious things in the Universe and give them all the significance they deserve; none. I suspect the hysterical bouts of laughter from the audience at the movie theatre were from either my fellow HHG cult followers or teenagers talking to their parents on their cell phones. In my opinion, this movie was not meant to be an introduction to the HHG, but it was meant as a tool for briefly galvanizing fanatics, if only for one hour and fifty minutes in half empty theaters while munching popcorn and sipping caffeine infested super-sized colas, which is guaranteed keep them up all night wondering why Hollywood had failed again.

6 thoughts on “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – the Movie, the cult, 42, and possibly everything

  1. Hmmm… Maybe it really iz true – the book always seems better than the movie. At least thats been my experience…

  2. It’s not that the movie was that bad but it did not live up to expectations, which were very high. Most movies are not as good as the books they were made from because the mind is always capable of better imagery than the screen :))

  3. “the mind is always capable of better imagery than the screen :))”
    how true. the factory floor did blow me away tho.

  4. True, the factory floor tour was great and also the Vogons were worse looking than I expected 🙂

    I hope this review did not suggest I didn’t laugh because I did, as did a woman directly behind me who I had to give my bag of popcorn to just to keep her hysterics down to a civilized level :))

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