I am sorry for publishing this blog and I feel I must remove it…:))

I am sorry that this blog might offend but in reality this conversation almost happened, and in a book store of some repute. If there is an outcry from the general bloging public I will remove it, otherwise I will delete it. Please note the offence is probably all in the mind.

Excuse me Miss, do you have any books by Koontz?

What! Koontz?

Yes, Koontz.

Not so loud sir! And those would be in the adult section behind the cashier.

Adult section? Behind the cashier?

Yes, behind the cashier on the top shelf next to the ceiling tiles.

Why are the Koontz books in the adult section behind the cashier on the top shelf next to the ceiling tiles?

We can’t have the miners getting their hands on that kind of thing too easily.

Miners? You mean minors.

That’s what I just said, miners.

You do know that there are words which sound almost the same but mean completely different things.

If you say so sir.

It is so! Anyway what is wrong with miners seeing Koontz books?

Sir, Koontz is an adult type of thing.

I will take your word for it but I have never had one before.

What? Never before?

No, but I have read about Koontz many times and it sounds like my kind of thing. I can’t wait to get my hands on one, or even two. It’s a long weekend coming up.

Sir, I am not very comfortable with this conversation.

Well, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if the Koontz was more accessible.

Please sir, come this way and I will show you the Koontz.

Is it true that all Koontz are the same?

I wouldn’t know sir. There they are, enjoy!

Thanks for your help Miss and I intend to!

4 thoughts on “I am sorry for publishing this blog and I feel I must remove it…:))

  1. Hahahaha… My gosh aka! Look @ d trouble I put u tro nah! Since when Koontz is adult stuff?? It’s normally in paperback best selling… for all to see and browse tro.

    I wonder if that woman ever even read a koontz book? Ah well

    Did u get it in the end?

  2. Snbg:

    Yes, sales people in Trinidad are the worst and some business people are even worse than that 🙂 To sales people’s credit, they do provide some entertainment, and recently, much bloging material :))

    I have a feeling that Mee and sales people don’t mix too well :)))

  3. Tunks, this wouldn’t be the first time you get me into trouble with bookstores 🙂 Now the bookstore mafia have my picture up all over the place and a warning below saying “This customer can read, approach with caution. We repeat, approach with caution” 🙂

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