Passion or Hype?

I doubt anyone would want to know why I wasn’t sucked in by the recent Star Wars vortex, but I will tell him or her anyway because I lack any moral bloging fiber. First I must say that this is not a statement against, or for any Star Wars movie, but only my opinion on the state of movie making today.

I can’t say exactly which movie pushed me over the edge, but I have become Hollywood-hype-weary. Unashamedly, Hollywood is more concerned with creating the market for the movie than creating the passion for making the movie. It would appear that product placement, special effects, lots of perfect skin and overdone marketing on overdone TV channels is the key to any “successful” blockbuster movie. In my opinion, by doing so it makes the movie less worthy.

I am generous to myself so I would call my attitude old fashioned and purist. On the other hand, my friends would call me a fraud, because they do know I love great special effects. But, to my friends I say, not when these effects are used to replace content and the raw passion of filmmaking. I could never support blatant commercialism substituting for artistic passion. Hollywood is now creating tons of two-hour wonders rather than a few good lifetime memories. If I had to rate any movie I would give it a 5 if I can remember most of it by the time I get home. I would give it a 6 if I can remember it the next day, a 7 the day after that and so on and so on. And I only mean remember in a positive sense.

The dollar is now the only Force to recon with, and it is being used to manipulate our minds into accepting bland canned goods instead of wholesome fresh produce. I don’t only blame Hollywood for this present fiasco. I also blame our lazy minds, which has developed an addiction for instant and temporary excitement rather than making an effort in discovering the passion behind the movie.

Hollywood is devious and have fashioned these movies to work like popcorn – one is never enough. Then the hype further says you must also have these movies on DVD, and you must also talk incessantly about them, because hollow entertainment channels constantly bombard us with petty hype.

Hopefully, I don’t stand alone with this point of view. But sadly, I will allow my self to succumb to peer- pressure and follow the masses to see empty screens full of pictures. But all is not lost, since I will be doing this while eating popcorn, the one remaining virtue of the movie-going experience.

7 thoughts on “Passion or Hype?

  1. I like this entry. Hmmm… I must say, I’ve always prefered to sit with a good book (or 2) than look @ a movie. I’m definitly the opposite of mi hermano in that aspect.

    You said: ” Unashamedly, Hollywood is more concerned with creating the market for the movie than creating the passion for making the movie.”
    And that striks me as being so true. I remember looking @ the E hollywood true story behind the making of “Jaws” the 1st and original movie…and the cast and crew were so taken up by trying to make the movie FOR the ppl out there, rather than for the FAME of it….hmm…ok, I donno if that makes much sense. But its supposed to be a good thing 😛

    Taking into consideration all this … I still find myself remembering a movie solely because of the dramatic and emotional effect of the storyline and characters rather than the special effects etc. Thats maybe why I could never forget the drama’s out there like ‘Closer’ …or according to my brother ‘boring movies’

  2. Some people say Closer was a bit overdone but for me it was unforgettable. It was a very emotionally intense movie and one of the better recent movies. Jaws was one to the early movies where there was a huge investment in the special effects but that wasn’t allowed to become the main, or only attraction of the movie.

    I wished I had seen the behind the scenes for Jaws. It is one of my all-time favorite movies, and as I implied before, they don’t make them like that any more 🙂

  3. What you say has struck as very true. How many movies dazzle me, yet at the end of the day don’t go down as true favorites of mine? Two of my favorite movies are Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back and Back to the Future: Part II.

    Note the era they came from. Note the plots. Note in the case of ESB, its dazzling effects. Note that they went down as fantastic movies because fancy plots and special effects aside, they were just really well done.

    Many movies wow the crowds at first…but they are only greats if they can stand the test of time.

    The whole thing is part of a change in what people want for the worse…what I like to call the “MTV effect” – for obvious reasons.

  4. That is a classic definition Sirius – The “MTV effect” – instant but forgettable fun, which appeals to the shallowness of ones soul.

    That was my point. It could even be said that the current generation of young movie goers will want only the MTV effect and anything else will be called boring. If expectations from the audience are “low” then that is what the entertainment industry will produce. But all is not lost because we still have people like Tunks, snbg and Sirius….and even aka_lol 🙂

  5. You said:
    “It could even be said that the current generation of young movie goers will want only the MTV effect and anything else will be called boring.”

    It has already happened, unfortunately. We are but a minority now.

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