A Simple Theory

I agree in the possibility there exist a Supreme being that created all we hold sacred, and for a purpose we call divine. My question about all this is simple, why do we assume we are the coolest creation rather than just another chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong? Why, because it pains us to imagine otherwise. We argue, if life is just a hoax then why must we have this urge to go on? What is our purpose? I propose the following theory. “Penicillin was discovered from a fungal colony which had grown as a contaminant on an agar plate streaked with the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus.” Most would have overlooked the potential for this unsightly mold to become the lifesaver of millions. It is so to with mankind. We are still in the fungal stage and struggling to make an impact on The Universe. We are struggling to play a part in stabilizing this dynamic force.

In this system the only judge, juror or executioner is the law of The Universe. As a life form, we are begging to be important, but we are doing everything to achieve the opposite. We have our good points and many bad ones, but our strength lies in recognizing what is good and building on the good of previous generations. These actions would ensure our survival, and evolution into a stabilizing force of The Universe. Adversely, our weakness lies in our tremendously destructive and selfish tendencies.

In the Universe it is the survival of the fittest and if mankind continues on this current path of “every man for himself” then our collective negative actions will be to our destruction. Life as we know it won’t go on, but the Universe will. There will be no last minute divine intervention because The Universe makes no exceptions. Isn’t that what religions are trying to teach us? Don’t we mistake the metaphoric for the literal? Aren’t these some of the reasons we are evolving into an unstable force which is destined for extinction? The evidence suggest it is so.

4 thoughts on “A Simple Theory

  1. Co-incidence?

    The book I’m reading right now is based on a world where the human population is going extinct…just as the 2.something billion species that went extinct before of the 3.something billion species of life form ever recorded.

    The book I read previous to this one spoke of the role of humans in realtion to the entire Universe…they again were weaned out and left wid just a small population to fill the future.

    You really went to thinking outside the box for this one… This sort of objectivity is difficult to express wid such precision and passion as u have.

    Reminds me of what I said before “We often stop and wonder… regret. Yet we never indulge any form of machocism to face the truth …” – This truth is yet to be known……

  2. Co-incidence?

    …And it wouldn’t have been the first time 🙂

    The book you are reading isn’t too far off from what I am thinking.

    It is not likely that we are the Center of The Universe, but we imagine it to be this way. Everything in The Universe is important by virtue of simply being a part of it. But, we give ourselves a type of super-importance due to our belief we are unique and separate from everything else; that is our mistake. Take this example – we always consider how useful bats are for our existence, (it eats mosquitoes etc), but do we ever consider how useful we are to the bat’s existence? We normally operate on survival instincts when we see everything in terms of our own good. What we need to do in order to evolve into something higher, is that we need to get rid, as much as possible, our ego and selfishness. We have to start seeing the Whole picture and from all eyes.

    I know all this is a form of idealism but we should never be afraid of being idealistic. And the Dark Side isn’t as much fun as hyped to be 🙂

    “I think, therefore I am confused” to quote a former wise one 🙂

  3. The only way we will evolve into a stable force destined for greatness, rather than an unstable force destined for extinction, is if we can all realise how insignificant we are. If we can all realise we are little more than a fungus compared to the scale of the universe.

    As long as we think we are divinely protected in some way, we will always do as if we are invincible, without realising our inherent weakness. As such, humanity as it currently exists has no future.

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