Taskless Workforce

The International Blogers Union (IBU) has finally acknowledged that a fresh four-year spate of appalling blogs was now infesting the once pleasant and peaceful bloging landscape. In a regular emergency session last night, where the atmosphere was described as deeply moronic, the IBU set up set up yet another taskless workforce to investigate this recent four-year old phenomenon. A press release signed by The Union’s intellectually deficient president, Areald Otish, stated that the president is almost concerned, and will now take on the responsibility of tracking down all violators of the unwritten bloging code, when he can spare the time. The release also stated that all violators will be punished as much as possible or even more. Like all releases it went on and on only to say the obvious; the worst violator will be made president, once he or she can match the intellectual capacity of the current president, meaning, the violator must be brain-dead but still be able to walk and talk.

In other breaking news: loud screams were heard coming from the mansion of the notorious bloger, aka_lol. Neighbors were tightlipped about the situation but an anonymous source, who did not give her name but who looked quite riveting in her heart-stopping short skirt, was reported to have seen anywhere from six to half a dozen men, dressed in bloging outfits, force their way through an open doorway of the blogers high security mansion, shortly after he had returned from his nightly peeping-tom activities. When questioned further the busty source said she was pleasantly surprised to find aka_lol at her window. She also claimed she had no previous or even present knowledge. (BN)


5 thoughts on “Taskless Workforce

  1. repeat after me over and over:

    Areald Otish
    Areald Otish
    Areald Otish
    Areald Otish
    Areald Otish
    Areald Otish

    haaaahaaa…..nice one aka – you know de guy or wat *)

  2. a.. I don’t know him but he is well known :))

    Ah hope yuh didn’t say it too loud again though 🙂

    say hi to everyone for me 🙂


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