6 thoughts on “Find Aka

  1. hmm i recognize the beach… but as for aka, i’d say he’s absent. But i’m just guessin here. 🙂
    nice colours 🙂

  2. Thanks snbg :))
    I just thought it looked like one of those Woldo pics 🙂 aka is there, but only in spirit It seems 🙂

    I did it using Corel Draw 11 and everything was done with standard stamps , but I did the juggling of the stamps.

    For real art you have to see the works of Tunks; she is very gifted:)

  3. yes i have see Tunks work.(excellent)
    i don’t think u should belittle yourself. each person expresses their creativity in different ways.

  4. Thats some good stufff there aka…I wish I could do something like that :p…. When I 1st saw it, I thought U would be the water underneath.

  5. Now that I look at the picture I realize that underneath would be the best place for Aka. I am not saying how many feet under though, because that one’s too easy 🙂

    This piece is one of my little know works and it generated a huge lack of interest among the general public. 🙂

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