His Complete Unpublished Works

Aka Lol – His Complete Unpublishable Works

If You Are What You Eat Then Why Am I Not Human

Tree Reasons I gave Up Woodcutting

Parliament and Other Sources of Natural Gas

An Intelligent Politician – The Oxymoronic Years

Matchsticks, The Real Eye-opener

Blogers Note:

The rumor that all Aka’s works were rejected by publishers who publish authors with even the slightest hint of talent is true.

Blogers Further Note:

I can’t believe you actually thought I had something more to say on this topic 🙂

4 thoughts on “His Complete Unpublished Works

  1. and not only that but recent test has shown that enough natural gas to power The City for one month is produced in just one sitting, even when all members are not present 🙂

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