A Metaphoric Blog?

Aka was convinced that everything, which was said and done in one’s life was seen as metaphoric and, or symbolic by others. Both Metaphoric and symbolic are words which practically mean the same thing, but by using both synonyms simultaneously creates an air of intelligence. The problem with metaphors is they are prone to misinterpretation by the observer.

One example of a misunderstood metaphor, which springs to Aka’s mind, had to do with the handless analogue wristwatch that Xo had given Aka. He immediately thought it was symbolic of their relationship, that is, useless, helpless, and just an interesting conversation piece. Xo also thought it was symbolic of their relationship; she thought of it as timeless. Well, Aka did think of it as timeless sometimes, in much the same way being bent over in a Turkish prison feels timeless. When Aka had given Xo a pressure cooker for her apartment, Xo thought it meant Aka was thinking of her as being submissive and subservient to him. All Aka thought was if she was going to give him “beans” she might as well cook them properly first. Then there was the incident where Aka accompanied Xo to the auto alignment shop. Xo told the mechanic she was there for an alignment. Mechanics are not normally prone to detecting metaphors, but given her form-fitting attire, wrapped around a near perfect shape, there was much room for ambiguity in the request. Aka had to intervene and realign the conversation in its proper perspective.

by popular request this blog will not to be continued.

note 1: The name Xo is metaphoric, since it reminded Aka of Jean-Marc™ XO Vodka. High-priced, tempting and well crafted, but in the end, taste like any other Vodkas after a couple sips.

The name Aka is symbolic of his chameleonic personality. Also Known As many different things, none of them good, even in a metaphoric sense.