An Unsavory Incident

Aka had caught The Master and Mini in a position that was not only compromising, but requiring great skill and Wisdom. This sighting drove Aka into a gloomy state, and caused, a fellow bloger (name withheld for security reasons), or blog-fellow, as it commonly referred to in modern bloging circles, to urged Aka to seek comfort in his own blogs. And this he did, much to the regret and annoyance his blog-fellows.

The Master had obviously not taught Aka everything and this had him disenchanted and bitter. It is true Aka wasn’t as flexible; I mean wise, as The Master but Aka was always willing to learn. What hurt Aka the most (no, not the position) was that Mini had to seek Wisdom from someone other that himself. Aka was proud of his Wisdom and was always willing to share it with Mini, if she so desired. Instead she went to the source, The Master, the great imparter of Wisdom. Everything in life teaches us a lesson but the only lesson this unsavory incident had taught Aka was that The Master’s Wisdom stood out more than his.

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