Scary Movies

We love to get scared when we have some control over the scare. That is the jolt we sometimes need when life gets too routine; otherwise we can blog. I never let the scary movie get to me, and that is why I don’t have nightmares about them. But I do have nightmares about dumb and useless movies. I call no names because those movies know who they are.

I saw The Omen once, and found it scary. The Exorcist was frightening and a head-turner. The Ring did surprise me during the first look but the second time it fizzled, maybe because I sat next to someone who was even scarier. Friday the 13th (the first) had its moments, and generally bloody good. Some say I should see the original Psycho if I want a scare, but I saw enough movies with JLo, and don’t ever want to be that terrified again.


4 thoughts on “Scary Movies

  1. Would you believe, the only movie that ever gave me nightmares for weeks was…………. *gulp* The Terminator! – the 1st 1 of course, when I waz a wee little kid hehehe.

  2. Tunks, Terminator was scary and I think it was meant to be that way 🙂 It was a good movie though.

    I hope you weren’t afraid of T2, that movie is one of my favs 🙂

    Ever saw Rosemary’s Baby

    It’s an old movie and I saw it on Cinemax a couple years ago. That is one scary movie, and there was no gore or violence.

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