Sin City

The few unhappy, and probably disturbed people who walked out on the movie Sin City were victims of their own ignorance. Thankfully, ignorance has its own rewards, ten percent bliss and ninety percent punishment. These folks probably thought it was a remake of The Last Boy Scout because conventional wisdom said, how many different ways can you make a Bruce Willis movie. A mind gone bad is a difficult thing to change, and if you happen to have one that was typically entertained for several years, and never once complained with any conviction, then this movie isn’t for you.

Sin City was not only good, it was dam good. The entire movie was presented in black and white, with red and yellow thrown in when appropriate. You had valiant heroes, diabolical villains and females who stun with their fist as well as their curves. The gore was both implied and stated. The language was riddled with clichés that were so good it made you want to blog right there and then. There were no intolerable scenes, there were no sluggish plots; every piece of the jigsaw fell into place like a banana into its peel. It was a movie designed to pump masses of adrenalin into you, and it did just that.

Unfortunately, this movie is not for those who are offended by comic book style dismemberment, fluorescent blood, dangerously sexy curves and tastefully arousing nudity. Sin City is no freak of celluloid and it did what it had intended to do, and it did it without any apology to the conformist minds of our ever-changing planet.


2 thoughts on “Sin City

  1. This review would ordinarily have read “Sin City is a good movie. I liked it and I know everyone will, so go and see it.” But then, after less than 20 minutes, the conventional minds walked out, steupsing, huffing, offending. That was the trigger I needed 🙂

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