He Remembered

Aka remembered his very first thought. He remembered how good it felt to have a thought of his own. He remembered the excitement and the hope, as he released it into the wild from whence it came. He remembered how his thought was rejected and ridiculed by the others, only because it was different. He remembered how alone it had become and how it finally died from loneliness. He remembered not lifting a finger. He remembered his guilt. He remembered his shame as he swept the lifeless thought under the rug. But what he remembered the most was his mother lifting the rug and screaming “What were you thinking!” He didn’t remember much after that 🙂


2 thoughts on “He Remembered

  1. Tunks, you know I didn’t think about the twist until a few seconds before I clicked “publish” :)Some say that is the first sign of a twisted mind 🙂

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