One With The Road

When we are driving, we sometimes have to go over potholes. Whether we speed over them, or go slowly it doesn’t matter because we always get over these unsightly obstacles. Luckily, potholes are not very dangerous, and the worst thing that can happen is for us to stop and stare at the pothole, wondering how to get over them and giving them power they don’t deserve. Most drivers are unaffected by this and simply release the breaks and move on.

It seems the main ambition in the life of a pothole is to become a bigger pothole. It is felt, in some quarters, potholes do this because they feel the bigger they are the more power they wield. Unfortunately, potholes never seem to grasp the fact that a pothole is just an irritation and a bigger pothole is just a bigger irritation, drawing more attention to it and asking to be filled. Then again, that may be the reason they strive to become monumental in size, because at that size, they cannot be ignored and will be filled, becoming one with the road again.


2 thoughts on “One With The Road

  1. Hmmm… This is indeed a very interesting story. The analogy used strikes me.

    I personally must say, that your ending of assuming the intentions of the pothole as wanting to become big enuff to be noticed and saved, comes from the workings of a mind and heart thats rare in this world.

    You give the beneif of the doubt. Something many are condemned for as being weak minded and fickle. I know what that’s like. But trust me, It’s nothing short of admireable 🙂

  2. I agree with you that it takes a rare mind and heart to want to be saved. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who are so far gone, they cannot become human again.

    Sometimes the cry of a fool is the cry for help, but only sometimes. Most times it is just a cry of a fool 🙂

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