Everything Not Anything

Everything makes me wonder about life these days. I keep asking why is it so screwed up and if it has meaning, which we are not seeing. I am beginning to feel we should not look for the truth, but maybe the truth is everything we do and everything we think. The truth may not be a glorious revelation as we think it is and we may be missing the answer because it’s right under our nose. The answer may be not to question but to live.

If we accept more and deny less then we are in a better position to feel we are part of the Universe. The problem with most of us is that we look for a mould and then try to fit into it. The Universe is not a mould and trying to fit into one in unnatural. I think this is why we feel uncertain and fearful, even when we shout out to the World, “my mould is the only true mould, my belief is the only true belief.” As someone once said, I don’t believe in anything, I believe in everything. That may be the answer, even if you didn’t ask the question.