Mr. Bean, the Dentist, and Aka

Mr Bean

Actor, Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr Bean, is an electrical engineer with an MSc degree from Queens College, Oxford so, like aka, he is obviously no dunce. With and estimated worth of £100 million, he is also no pauper and much smarter than the average electrical engineer. One of my favorite Mr. Bean episodes is Mr. Bean Goes to the Dentist, which I fondly remembered yesterday while waiting for my dentist to say “Open! Drill! Restraints!” followed by “Wow, what an Audi, probably an A6 this time.” Like much copyrighted stuff, I found Mr. Bean Goes to the Dentist posted on YouTube, which probably is in contravention of copyright laws and ethical behavior.

Aka_lol’s Random Thoughts on Dentistsaudi

  • Dentists are not dogs and therefore are not man’s best friends.
  • According to the Straight Dope website, dentists are 6.64 times more likely to commit suicide than the average population.  This is why I check on my dentists more often than I would check on my barber or even my plumber. I need him alive. I want him to suffer for as long as possible.
  • I think causing physical pain and financial anguish to patients must be stressful for dentists and can cause them to go for a piece of rope or a strap on a suicide bomb as often as they go for  BMWs and sexy Audis.
  • It never huts dentists as much as it hurts their patients.
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10 responses to “Mr. Bean, the Dentist, and Aka”

  1. Jumbie says :

    It never huts dentists as much as it hurts their patients? Ajoupa?

    I need him alive. I want him to suffer for as long as possible. LMAO

    My favourite Mr Bean is the sketch of him going to the beach, and changing into his swimming togs there. :)

    • aka_lol says :

      Jumbie, you know that was a spelling mistake but thinking about it now, it huts to change it :D

      Did you ever try to change like Bean?

  2. Davis says :

    we watched a whole movie of his once while waiting to depart a cruise ship, and I was surprised how funny it was

  3. bandi says :

    as usual you were able to distract me from the pain dentists usually inflict… ;)

    • aka_lol says :

      All dentist practice the art of distracting patients and this is one example of a new method some are using to extract more from their patients ;)

  4. Liane says :

    Nice Audi you’ve got there…

    I got about a quarter way through the video and had to stop. Yeah, I have a serious dentist phobia.

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