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The Breathalyzer in Trinidad and Tobago


I don’t know if people have noticed that statements by Government Ministers are no longer featured in the Political section of the daily Newspapers but under Entertainment. The recent statement by The Minister of Works reaffirms the correctness of this trend when he blamed Technocrats of his Ministry for the delays in implementing the breathalyzer in Trinidad and Tobago. The Minister did not say to whom these delinquent Technocrats reported or even if they were obligated to take instructions from any Minister. After The Minister’s statement there was a hush across the room and fear in the eyes of more than half the crowd. Thankfully, no date was given for the implementation of this dreaded device and it was business and Bloody Marys as usual.

The Minister went on to reveal that a 50 million dollar plus contract was awarded, hopefully not UDECOTT style, to a contractor to implement a traffic management system along the East-West Corridor. The system will include many high-tech devices such as Closed Circuit Cameras which can snap clear photos of people breaking red lights, driving on the shoulder and hugging the front seat passenger who may not be a spouse or of the opposite sex. These photos are expected to stand up in court since the charges would neither be due to victimization nor would the Integrity Commission be involved. What the Minister did not say was the system has to be implemented with great haste because he dreamt on more than one occasion that the Interchange would do very little for people from the East heading into Port of Spain in the morning. The Minister offered no solution for the bottleneck into Port of Spain, Government interference in various Commissions, or The Prime Ministers recent scandalous outburst in Parliament.

Stay Tuned For More Entertainment News.

Global Voices Online – Why It Matters


I didn’t know much about Global Voices Online except what I read about Global Voices in Wikipedia and then on Janine Mendes-Franco’s blog Francomenz and I liked what I read. Janie Mendes-Franco has been a regular visitor to this blog is responsible for highlighting several of my blog posts on Global Voices Online. I thank her for it. The goal of Global Voices is worthy and it’s all about enabling and empowering a community of “bridgebloggers” who “can make a bridge between two languages, or two cultures.” It’s about amplifying blog voices and defending free speech online. Global Voices Online understands the power of the blog and blogs should never be underestimated.

I donated to Global Voices Online, not because I wanted the badge you see above but because blogs are the new press and collectively, bloggers can make a positive difference to the World in ways that were never possible before. I am not sure if my blog can make a difference but I am willing to keep trying.


More Meme from Girlblue


SING ONLY ONE WORD! It’s not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It’s really hard to only use one word answers. Be sure to tag the person you received it from!

1. Where is your cell phone? pocket
2. Your significant other? SO
3. Your hair? black
4. Your mother? well
5. Your father? gone
6. Your favorite song? Imagine
7. Your dream last night? wet
8. Your favorite drink? fizzy
9. Your dream/goal? happy
10. What room you are in? cell
11. Your hobby? blogging
12. Your fear? government
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? above
14. Where were you last night? nowhere?
15. Something that you aren’t? ugly
16. Muffins? no
17. Wish list item? unmentionable
18. Where you grew up? Trinidad
19. Last thing you did? type
20. What are you wearing? smile
21. Your TV? flat
22. Your pets? dog
23. Friends? five
24. Your life? good
25. Your mood? unbelievable
26. Missing someone? no
27. Car? Toyota
28. Something you’re not wearing? panty
29. Your favorite store? Amazon
30. Your favorite color? blue
33. When is the last time you laughed? now
34. Last time you cried? ages
35. Who will resend this? none
36. Favorite vacation? Tobago
37. One person who emails me regularly? Tunks
38. My favorite place to eat? Trotters

Rules: Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. Not always as easy as it looks. Have Fun!!”

1. What is your name: Aka
2. A four Letter Word: muck
3. A boy’s Name: Dick
4. A girl’s Name: Connie
5. An occupation: beaver catcher
6. A color: Garden Hose Green
7. Something you wear: smirk
8. A food: Turkey Brest
9. Something found in the bathroom: people
10. A place: prison
11. A reason for being late: stupid people
12. Something you shout: Thief!
13. A movie title: Gone With The Gin
14. Something you drink: Bloody Mary
15. A musical group: Black Eyed Peas
16. An animal: grouper

Freida Pinto in a Short Dress

Freida Pinto in a Short Dress

Freida Pinto in a Short Dress

Sometimes, when the world around you seems to have no integrity and the insane lives in mansions while the greedy sails in yachts, there comes a bright spot. Sometimes that bright spot can appear as Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto in a short dress at the Directors Guild Awards.

When a man sees  a pair of female legs at the end of a short skirt the man is prone to stare at the legs for longer than what is considered socially acceptable.  Unfortunately, apart from becoming a priest, there is no known cure for this affliction.

To a man, the female leg is not overrated but a necessity and that is why those Slim-Fast women who visit the gym and perform three sets of squats, with ten reps each set, using heavy weights, three days a week are  a blessing to all mankind.


note: The mini skirt was invented decades ago by a man with a dream and a need, and not during the great cloth shortage of the 50s. Ever since this breakthrough in fashion science the mini skirt has remained at least 8 inches above the knee, in style and in demand.

Acting Without Integrity

newsdayThe Integrity Commission acted in bad faith and was guilty of misfeasance in public office. Imagine that, the Integrity Commission has no integrity. Imagine that! Look, I don’t care what standing these Commission members hold, or once held in society or even how big or tall the pillar they like to stand on is. As a body, this group seems to be on par with a Gang in Laventille since they appear to be working against the good of the public. I think their faces should be published in every daily newspaper and their names boldly printed below each mugshot. We need to know who these people are just incase we have to stand next to them while waiting for a maxi. And, as Dr. Rowley said, The Commission should resign. If The Commission could not successfully defend their actions in the High Court then something must be wrong. Where is the money to compensate Dr. Rowley coming from? Not the taxpayers, I hope.

This is no longer a faceless thing the public can tolerate since every Public Institution of trust is being infected with a rot causing disease brought about by interference and hate. This is something the President, if he can take the time off from wining and boring citizens with hollow speeches said in a nasal and irritating tone, should act on. But, I won’t hold my breath since the Pres is widely considered by many to be an ornament of the State, and apparently, the Integrity Commission is not famous for Integrity.

update 6th February, 2009:


An Open Letter to Calder Hart

chDear Mr Hart,

Commission of Enquiry Commissioners, Professor Uff and Mr Khan, last week, asked, maybe not in the friendliest of tones, what your compensation package was and you told them that you, a man paid by the public, did not want to disclose the figure to the public in a public hearing by a Commission of Enquiry. Can you see the irony here, Mr Hart? Is your package so big that is must be kept hidden from the public to prevent scaring them? This hiding of packages, as your would be aware by now, left your-salary-paying-public quite annoyed and caused much speculation about the size of your package, compensation package that is, on the Internet. As you are well aware by now, without facts rumors spread and then rumors become the facts. As you are also aware there is a great level of distrust in the minds of the public about your company’s conduct in spending the people’s money, which is caused by the hiding of information from the public. There is also a view that your company is not only mismanaging public funds, but also are overpaid, overrated and shady. This Enquiry is the golden opportunity for you and your team to dispel these perceptions but you appear to have more to confirm and hide than deny. As I said before, it is only a perception by the public and may be far from the truth.

Your supporters and fans said you are a man who can get the job done but Wall Street were full of can-do individuals, some even as competent as yourself. What I  understood, or misunderstood from the enquiry so far is that you appear to operate like a secret agent, probably nicknamed 009 or something, with an unrestrained license to build. You appear to get your orders from a mysterious and unknown boss like Tom Cruise did in Mission Impossible, and your approach is that of an unbridled bulldozer. You can correct me if I am wrong and I hope I am.

However, Mr Hart, in your defense, your approach might be what the public needs to jolt us out of slumber. After all, our Public Service was designed to find creative and innovative ways to not get anything done or to get it done in the slowest way possible but not without lunch. Just look at the Police Service, the Licensing Division, Ministry of Works and the Immigration Department. Ineffectiveness seems to be their mandate and the staff is well versed in carrying out this mandate. Your team, on the other hand, was designed to provide buildings on time, within budget, without excuses and without public outcry. I suppose you can’t behave like a public servant and deliver like the private sector. But, Sir, even in the private sector there are rules and codes of conduct which are followed and it’s not a free for all by any means. It is almost always someone else’s money to account for.

So, this is the dilemma. Should we continue with the traditional way with a prolonged and inefficient tender procedure where the contractor with the lowest bid and who can’t do the job is selected or should we go the way of the unbridled bulldozer? The answer is almost obvious and the best of both worlds is what the public demands. The public did not get value for money using the traditional method and will certainly not get any value for money when there is no accountability. But how we go in the future will be a political decision guided by public sentiments and I don’t mean to burden you with decisions that are not yours to make.

Managing the public’s purse is always tricky and surely the powers that be must know how hard it is to justify cost overruns on useless projects and the awarding of tenders to friends and sometimes, even family members from distant lands. Maybe that is why you were considered the right man for the job, I don’t know. I am not suggesting you did anything illegal, immoral or unscrupulous since that is for the Commission of Enquiry to decide. My job, as a member of the public, is an everlasting one and that is to express my displeasure at what I see and keep on wondering whey de money gone.



Tagged But Not Frgotten – My Meaningful Life

tag2Once again I, aka_lol, have been the subject of a vicious tag for reasons that should be obvious to those who know me , those who admire me, and those who have expressed great indifference to my very existence and blog.  After much deliberation and forgetfulness I decided to respond to the tag from Girlblue because my charm, cunning, occasional intelligence, and boundless humility prevents me from doing otherwise. Here is my list of over twenty  interesting and/or little know things about me:

  1. Believes the camera is the best macocious device ever invented
  2. Is a music lover – all styles, all genres, all countries of origin, all peer to peer sources
  3. Is an animal lover except for snakes even though their tongues are the envy of every man
  4. Lucky number is 69
  5. Once had to adopt the crash landing position on a flight
  6. Never lost luggage or missed a flight
  7. Been to Portugal once
  8. Never ate sushi and doesn’t need oysters
  9. Doesn’t want to be envied or admired out of bed
  10. Loves to be physically active
  11. Never had a love affair with alcohol or fruit cake
  12. Loves being misunderstood
  13. Is misunderstood
  14. Never swears unless driving and even then in a very muffled and unintelligible voice.
  15. Once applied for sainthood but had my application rejected during the first evaluation stage when a $100 bill was discovered cleverly stapled to the back of the application form
  16. Thinks more problems can be solved with sarcasm than compassion
  17. Thinks the world will be a peaceful place when there is nothing to die for
  18. Would much prefer to see through women’s clothes that see through women
  19. Loves the ambiguity of the spoken word e.g. “She wanted to get ahead”
  20. Is hardly ever serious
  21. Can be forgetful

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