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Baygon and Bop

Baygon and Bop

Baygon and Bop

Baygon and Bop were not good friends and often battled for shelf space. Though both contained some of the same active ingredients, each claimed to be the better and baddest insecticide. Nevertheless, both were equally feared by flying and crawling insects. Baygon came in a green and red can and was considered the BMW of the insecticide world with its non-suicidal spray head, sophisticated scent, and high price. BOP, on the other hand, came in two flavors, regular and citronella. Bop was however cheaper and smelt that way. Bop had the standard low-cost spray nozzle that was not idiot proof but was still favored by both idiots and smart men on a budget.

It was never clear how these insectcides got their names but one rumor suggested that the name Bop came about when an excited insecticide scientist, eger to impress his boss, ran straight into a wall on discovering the formula. The boss was impressed with the sound of the impact. Another rumor claimed a scientist named Bob created the formula for Bop but his name was misspelled during the haste to get it on the shelves for dengue season. The rest was insecticide history. It was never certain  how the name Baygon came about but insecticide historians believe Baygon is the German word meaning Bop.

Life is Blog

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point

Blogging has taken the world by storm and changed the way we mumble to ourselves. Blogging can be described as photography in words. Like good photographs, blogs are more interesting when the subject is revealing, the composition is clever, and the exposure just right. Blogging is a way in which we let the world know we exist and are pissed off at that point in time. It is our way of speaking to ourselves so that others can hear if they want. It is our own private radio station.

Not being able to write a proper sentence has never stopped someone from saying something, and being understood. Why should it? We are not prime time but one of the countless billions of stars talking at the same time hoping a radio telescope somewhere will call us random and intelligent. But just because the radio telescope didn’t focus on us doesn’t mean we do not exist or our ramblings are meaningless.

In hindsight it seems blogging is an inevitable part of our evolution since one characteristic of being alive is to be noticed in as many ways possible. The more ways we express ourselves the more alive we feel and the less we feel like a Dinner Mint wrapper – useful until the sweetie is sucked. A blog is now like a cell phone and everybody has more than one. In the future, blogs will replace obituaries, and it will be our main legacy until something better comes along.

A Tobago Vacation Review

Tobago Bench

Tobago Bench

How to get there:

It is no longer necessary to hide in the wheel well of a private jet or jump on the back of a sea turtle to get to Tobago from Trinidad as Caribbean Airlines now runs an amazingly efficient air bridge between the two islands. On the down side, airport security checks are still annoying but are in place for our safety and inconvenience. If you have a good camera bag the x-ray machine will only serve to confuse the security officers more. It appears that through the eyes of an x-ray machine a zoom lens looks like a bazooka and a four-pack of AA batteries is the splitting image of four sticks of dynamite.

Where to stay:

Crown Point Hotel is my favorite place to stay in Tobago because it overlooks Store Bay and girls in bikinis. According to pictures on the wall in the reception area, in 1966 Queen Elizabeth II stayed at Crown Point Hotel with a married man. The man was her husband and she was on her honeymoon. I doubt she wore a bikini back then since the royal g-string wasn’t invented until the 90s.  Maybe she would return one day and grace us with that sight.

Dove - Tobago

Dove - Tobago

What to eat:

Crab and dumpling, the trademark Tobago dish, is still holding at $45TT or about $7.25US but the current crabs have thinner legs and the dumplings are on a diet. Still, there is nothing like Tobago crabs.

If you are the type of person who is into boneless lamb, and money I recommend Bonkers located just down de road from Churches Chicken, Sheppy’s Car Rental and The Iguana pub in Crown Point. Last year I tried the seafood restaurant, Pelican Reef (sounds strangely like Pelican Brief starring Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington and Sam Shepard) but their prices are not as attractive as their waitresses.

There is a genuine Italian pizzeria, La Cantina, in Crown Point with dozens of different thin-crust pizzas made in a brick oven made from bricks. To put it bluntly, you will never taste better pizza in Trinidad and Tobago, or most parts of the US. One pizza can cost around $75TT but taste like $95TT. There is even a pizza with raw beef.

Where to go:

I was again disappointed that Pigeon Point, the best beach in the world after Englishman’s Bay, had no topless bathing except for a few old men. On this trip to Tobago I went to Castara and Englishman’s Bay for the first time but didn’t sample the water since drinking saltwater and driving should never be mixed. Englishman’s Bay is smaller, more rounded and easier to pronounce than Castara making it better liked and cozier. On my visit, the bikini content on both beaches was miniscule, but can change drastically with the arrival of one tour bus or two rented cars.

Avoiding suspicion:

Tobagonians are suspicious of long-lens camera people because of past experiences. Most, if not all, Tobagonians welcome the photographer but want to make sure he or she gets the name of their boat and island right. A photograph of Pigeon Point once ended up in an ad for Jamaica, I was told. The locals become suspicious if the photographer looks professional but acts like a point-and-shooter.

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point

Nude Bathing:

Nude bathing is only allowed in an enclosed, non-transparent bathroom.

Ten Things Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You to Know

The Dentist

The Dentist

Sitting in the waiting room of a Dentist who is an old high school friend I came up with these thoughts – these ten things he probably doesn’t want me to know.

1.      He is more terrified than I am

2.      Flunked Fillings 101 three times

3.      Does his receptionist’s fillings for free

4.      Is recycling needles in order to save the planet

5.      Is afraid of dentist

6.      Has cavities

7.      Regularly forgets to change his surgical gloves

8.      Cannot read X-rays properly

9.      Hates my guts since high school

10.    Glad I came

The Dark Knight vs Titanic

Titanic - A memorable scene

Titanic - A memorable scene

Titanic is a water based love story and also a monster movie. Since its release in 1997 Titanic has grossed $1,848,813,795 worldwide and that is a titanic performance. Though I am a straight man I do like Titanic, both as a movie and a submersible. Titanic is a movie which, to this day, appeals to a wide cross-section of people and has a bit of everything. Titanic contains good looking people, ugly people, good people, cruel people, rich people, poor people, Irish people, musicians and even an engineer. Titanic appeals to all ages and sexes and even has a sex scene, or maybe it is just nudity, I can’t remember.

Titanic - Censored by thi blog

Titanic - Censored by this blog

The question being asked today is whether The Dark Knight will equal or better the box-office performance of Titanic. After seeing The Dark Knight, I will have to say I am doubtful. People went to see Titanic two, three, and four times because it was a bucketful of emotions. It made people happy and cry at the same time and the characters were easy to relate too. The Dark Knight is an action-based, superhero movie that is not as emotional as Titanic and lacks staying power.The Dark Knight, though powerful from a moralistic point of view, and has good special effects and a motorcycle, is simply not as charming as Titanic. Sadly, The Dark Knight had no romping in the hay and there were no trademark memorable scenes as there were in Titanic. At least I can’t remember any. There was scarcely any bonding between screen characters and the non-psychotic members of the audience.  I don’t have the urge to go back and see The Dark Knight for those reasons.

The Joker Claps

The Joker Claps

Very soon, I think, the euphoria over The Dark Knight will settle and just as the Jedi eventually returned for financial reasons, so too will The Dark Knight. With the Titanic there was never any possibility of a return; the end was always meant to be final.

Titanic GIF

Titanic GIF - Created by this blog

The Dark Knight’s Dilemma

The Dark Knight Poster

The Dark Knight Poster

The Dark Knight was a good movie because during the movie I wasn’t distracted by the fact Heath Ledger was no longer alive and  Christian Bale was recently arrested by London police for allegedly assaulting his 61 year old mother, a former circus clown, and his sister. Good movies are always full of distractions.

The Dark Knight was an intense movie which never let up for the 152 minutes of screen time. It was a good versus evil movie and I am beginning to wonder what the movie industry would do without evil, or good for that matter. As everybody said, The Joker stole the show from Batman but he always did and in every incarnation as that is the nature of evil. This movie was filled with moral dilemmas such as does the good of the one you love outweigh the good of the masses. Or can evil exist simply for evil’s sake or does evil have a plan that is more attractive than Batman’s. Naturally the movie suggested that Batman made the right decision which was probably the wrong one in the end. I find The Dark Knight to be disturbing for that reason but little children and young teens may not find it so since munching popcorn and texting requires concentration.

The Dark Knight - The Joker

The Dark Knight - The Joker

Batman is a better superhero than Spiderman, Ironman, and Hulk, and is on par with Daredevil, and Hancock. Batman is better as he bleeds easier than most superheroes which makes him more human but is extremely wealthy which makes him a bit of an idiot for wanting to dress up as a bat in order to fight crime. However, I was made to understand that some women are attracted to Batman because he has a private jet (or missile), wears a black cape in bed, and has a mask with needlessly protruding ears. It’s difficult for the ordinary man to compete with that.


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